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Michele Graves

Michele Graves, English, Computer Science, Journalism, EAST facilitator


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Pacing Guide for Semester 2 English 12

3rd 9 weeks 4th 9 weeks
Metaphysical & Romantic Poetry: Donne, Milton, Wordsworth, Keats, Blake, Coleridge, Shelley, Lord Byron

Victorian Poetry: Tennyson, Browning, Arnold

The Importance of Being Ernest

Reflective & Persuasive Essays Argumentative Essay
Brief research related to 17th Century and Romanticism in Europe. Brief research related to Victorian England
Standards Emphasized: RL. 12.2, RI 12.5, SL 12.6, W12.3, L.12.2 Standards Emphasized: RL.12.4, SL.12.4, W.12.8, L.12.6, RI.12.2

Rules for class:

  1. Cell phones will be taken if powered on or seen in class.
  2. Treat each other with respect at all times.
  3. If a student is going to miss class for an activity or sports event, homework must be turned in prior to the absence.
  4. Late work will receive 30% off earned grade for one day late, 50% off for two days late, zero credit past two days.

EAST projects will continue as planned from first semester.  If you would like to speak to my EAST class about the value of learning a trade or skills, please contact me.  We are also looking for community partners who can help students construct little libraries (small boxes for books to be placed around town).