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Welcome to my online classroom.

I am looking forward to a spring in the music department!

The elementary classes will be working on reading and recognizing steady beat and rhythms, and relating dynamics to voice levels .  Most classes will be learning to play a few basic instruments such as the triangle, rhythm sticks, and bell kits.

Beginning Band will pick up where we left off.  New students will began in January!  They will be competing in solo and ensemble competition this spring and concert will be May 1.

Fifth grade will continue playing recorders through the year.  They will begin trying out band instruments towards the last half of the semester.

The Choir will be singing music from musicals, movies and popular tunes.

The High School bands will be working on solo and ensemble and getting ready for the Spring performances.

The Carroll Co. Community Band practices on Mondays from 6:30 to 8 PM in the Berryville Band room.  I encourage students to participate in this as it is a great experience and anyone (adults)in the community can also come play. There concert will be April 22 in the Eureka Springs Auditorium downtown.


Please look in your students class section for information about what we are doing right now.