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Eve Borg

Welcome to my online classroom.

I am looking forward to a Great year in the music department!

The elementary classes will be working on reading and recognizing steady beat and rhythms, and relating dynamics to voice levels .  Most classes will be learning to play a few basic instruments such as the triangle, rhythm sticks, and bell kits.  We will be singing in the annual Grandparents day program on September 7th.

Beginning Band will be signing up for class the first couple weeks and we are planning to get instruments if you have not already Sept. 10(Monday) from 4 to 6 pm in the band/music room.  If you think you might even consider doing band, please start at this time.  You will have a couple weeks to try that you can drop, but after that you will have to remain in until after the Winter Concert in December.  This gives you enough time to see if you like it.  If you do then you will remain in band the rest of the school year if not you will not return in January.  Starting at a later date is possible but it is much harder for you and the rest of your classmates so please try it now when everyone is learning together.

Fifth grade will start the year off working on Grandparents day program.  We will be ordering your personal recorder during this time and reviewing the basices of note reading before we get the recorders in our hands.

The Choir will learn the basics of posture, breathing, matching pitch, reading music and many other things.   They will have patriotic music to work on for early performances.  Our first performance will be Flag Day.

The High School bands will work on playing together and theory lessons.

The Carroll Co. Community Band practices on Mondays from 6:30 to 8 PM in the Berryville Band room.  I encourage students to participate in this as it is a great experience and anyone (adults)in the community can also come play. I will announce when rehearsals will begin.  They have provided several scholarships for band students to participate in band camp over the last couple years. This is an awesome for everyone involved.


Please look in your students class section for specific information about what we are doing right now.



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