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Welcome to the Alpena Yearbook and News page.    Mrs. Graves

The Leopard Spread


What is it like being a foreign exchange student and what is it like going to school in America? I asked a foreign exchange student in the sophomore class here at Alpena High School, Hyeonjong Choi. His response,: “ It was decided and good to go to America in Korea, but I was worried a lot because I only learned English for a month in Korea. Also, I worried a lot about racism because I’m Asian and that my American friends would turn away from me. However, contrary to my opinion, I’m very thankful that my friends always greet me first and encourage me. I felt that American friends are very good friends. American friends are kinder than Korean friends.Korean schools started classes at 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. to 11 and finish school at school meals is to provide free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sleeping in school because of the school ending at 11 o’clock at night having rooms in the school.  Finally, the Korean school is really hard.”  – By Miriah Williams



Let me tell you kids, and maybe a few unknowing parents, senior year is super expensive. At least it was for me. In the first month I spent over $200 on school! That is absolutely insane. Let's lay it all out. Any club you, or your child, might be in will have dues that will need to be paid. Those will range anywhere from $10 to $20. Then if those clubs are selling shirts you might want to buy one. That will be another $10. It just keeps adding up. But wait, there’s more! You still have to think about senior pictures, yearbook ads, college application fees, ACT tests, a cap and gown, and anything and everything you might need for senior prom. If you decide to play a sport, you will need to buy all the equipment you’ll need for that (shoes, travel gear, golf clubs, etc.) In short, senior year might cost you (or your parents) close to $1,000. This expense is usually not thought about  a lot because of the cost of college looming in the back of every student’s mind. Was all the money I spent as a senior worth it? Most of it was. Senior year is a year of lasts, so I say go for it and join the clubs, play sports, and pose for those pictures. Your wallets may be a little lighter, but you might never have a chance to do these things again.  By – Katie Wheatley

Alpena Archery Season 

     On Ffebruary 8, 2020 regionals will be held at Bergman High School. This year both our high school and junior high teams have been in the top three for every tournament. I have never seen a group work as hard as this group has. They are so motivational towards each other. The amount of dedication these students put into this sport is just unbelievable. I would like to give a big thanks to Shannon Hudson, Debbie Sisco, and Claude Russell for dedicating so much time, patience, and support for this amazing team. Thank you all so much for being our coach, motivator, and a shoulder to cry on.

  • By Reanna Sisco


Three seniors from Alpena High School were asked what their plans were for after they graduate. Kayleigh Armer said she would like to attend NAC for two year and get her associates degree for business management. Another Senior Raegan Lair, said she wants to go to NAC for the first two years of college and then transfer over to University Of Central Arkansas (UCA) to become a physical therapist. She said one day she would like to become a Equine therapist. One last senior Christian Davis was interviewed and said he wants to get a full time job that pays well, save up some money, get settled down and then go to college and get his heavy equipment degree, and would like to stay close to home and do construction.

These students have bright futures ahead of them and they can’t wait to see where life takes them after high school! – By Kaylee Moore


At Alpena High School a Business teacher, Vicky Shelton, started up the Internship Program for the seniors of the 2019-2020 school year. This program allows the select seniors who have jobs, or do not have classes to take during certain class hours, the opportunity to work after attending school for half of the day. Senior, Katie Wheatley, is one of the select students who has chosen to take part in the Internship Program. She is one of the students who have taken most of the classes offered at the school, and she needed something to do for the rest of the school day, so she works for the high school office and sometimes the teachers as well. When asked if she likes the program she said “Yes, because it allows me to put a better use of my time since I do not have to take anymore classes.” She also said she likes it because “She enjoys getting to help the teachers and talk with them.” She also advised that before joining an Internship Program such as the one Alpena has, is to remember “Even though students in the program are not attending classes, they still have responsibilities, and they can not lounge around and do nothing.”  – By Raegan Lair

On January 22, 2020, 7th grader Keaton Toliver was interviewed about his experiences as a 7th grader in the 2019-2020 school year at Alpena High School. He is a member of the Jr High boys basketball team. Some of his favorite things about being a 7th grader is having the freedom he didn’t have in elementary school such as having his phone out during lunch. His least favorite thing is having homework every night. His goal this year is to get honor roll. If he could change anything about 7th grade, he would change the amount of work he has. – by Hadassah Toliver


Lose the Lavender 

On January 27, 2020, Alpena Public School and Jasper Public School held a Lose the Lavender night to fight against all cancers at Alpena which started at 5:30. In previous years the two schools joined together for Pink Out Night, but decided to raise awareness for all cancers this year. Each school principal agreed to get a pie in the face if their bucket had the most money donated. Jasper’s principal, Jeff Lewis, won the contest. By the end of the night the schools had raised $751.26.  Everyone was highly encouraged to wear lavender to be entered into a five dollar drawing for concession stand. There were multiple people who came and supported Alpena, Jasper, and all cancer fighters, survivors, and honor those who have gone too soon.  – By Kendra Hulsey


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and basketball court

The Alpena Sr. Lady Leopards basketball team lost two teammates early in season 2019-2020 due to quitting and an ACL tear, leaving the team with five players. Shortly after, Coach Larry McKinney moved up freshman, Katherine Rodas. Team manager, Katie Wheatley, decided to join the girls on the court after the loss of the two teammates. Senior, Katie Wheatley, and Junior, Alex Hill were asked “What impact did the two girls departing, have on the team from your point of view?” Katie Wheatley answered “The team lost their groove at the beginning. They spent many years playing with them both and to have them leave suddenly, they had to change the way they played. It lowered their spirits when it happened.” Alex Hill replied to the question, “Later, I think it made the other girls learn to play together, become stronger, and help the rest of us grow closer as a team.” As of January 30th, 2020, the girls record stands at 18-5. The Sr. Lady Leopards, with only seven players, continue preparing for regionals and state to make it six consecutive years for the Alpena Lady Leopards.  By- Anniston Armer

The Jr. Boys have impressed fans with their teamwork. They push hard in practice and work harder in games because they don’t like to lose. “They haven’t played to their full potential, but they are still in the running for the conference championship.”- Coach Roberts states. The Jr. boys which consist of: Cody Block, Landon Savage, Jason Jenkins, Lane Graves, Brenden Adams, Judah Fultz, Hayden Allen, TJ Smith, Cameron Dickard, Keaton Toliver, Jermiah Morrell, Slade Harp, Timothy Dickard, Palmer Stubbs, Ethan Grady, Brayden Pouncil, and Jayden Stewert, have done an amazing job representing our school with their teamwork and good sportsmanship to the other teams. With that being said, the freshman boys have the potential ability to lead with the senior high boys in the coming up school year. They are an extraordinary team that are more than teammates than they are family. – By Cheyenne Wilcox


Alpena Senior High Lady Leopards Basketball

Alpena Lady Leopards have a struggling season ahead. The  lady leopards don’t have the depth they did last year. They started the season off with 8 players and high hopes, but it just went downhill from there. With a rough start, forward Amelya Cook was hurt in the beginning of the season, before the Maroon & White games. That left them with 6 players. After 4 weeks with Cook out, she came back strong, then a player chose to leave the team. Leaving the team with only 6 players, the lady leopards stayed strong. Tuesday November 5th, the lady leopards played a rough game against Eureka Springs. In the fourth quarter with a minute to go Kayleigh Armer went down because of a brutal hit to the knee leaving the Lady Leopards with only 5 players.

Red Ribbon Week – by Katie Wheately

Alpena School District participated in Red Ribbon Week October 23rd -31st. Red Ribbon Week is an event that specifically educates students about drug abuse and encourages them to avoid drugs altogether.

Sophia Bright, an 8th-grade student, had the idea to have dress up days for Red Ribbon Week to get high school students more involved since, in the past, it had been mainly an elementary school ordeal. This year, Alpena started the week with an assembly where a video was shown, cautioning students of the effects of drugs, and Travis Connor, the school’s resource officer, told his real-life experience of trying to save a mother and daughter from an overdose. Alpena also had themes for each day of the week. High school students dressed up according to the theme and earned points for their class at the same time.

The themes for the week were “Wear Red” (for the kickoff), “Do your hair, not drugs!” (crazy hair day), “Too smart to start!” (nerd day), “Caps on drugs” (hat day), “Stop drugs and start to dream!” (pajama day), “Put down drugs and pull up your socks!” (crazy sock day), and “Say boo to drugs!” (Halloween).



On Tuesday August 13, 209 Alpena students were waking up and getting ready for the first day  of school. The first day of school is one of the most exciting days of the year. Getting to see all of your friends and going to your classes and meeting all of your teachers.The first day is the easiest  and most relaxed. It is fun and you just sit and learn about your class.  – By Makayla Oliger


Buddy Bass Tournament

On Saturday August 24, 2019, Alpena FFA officers, members, and supporters joined together for a Bass Tournament fundraiser at Cricket Creek Marina. After many months of planning, getting sponsors and boats signed up, it was finally showtime. At 6 o’clock 36 boats launched off for many hours of fishing. At 11 o’clock weighing fish was in full swing. Raffles, places, and big bass were awarded. It turned out to be a successful fundraiser despite the foggy, cold weather. – By Kendra Hulsey

Buddy Bass Tournament

Alpena’s 2019 golf team has been practicing hard at the Range in Branson and The Links and Country Club in Harrison for the last month. All of the players have greatly improved. Their next match is Tuesday September 17 against Lead Hill and Deer at The Links. – By Katie Wheatley

Bryce Martin

Michele Graves offers a photography elective during enrichment at Alpena High School. Photography is offered, among other electives for students who did well on their Aspire testing last school year. This is done during enrichment, the time between fourth hour and lunch. Lighting, perspective, and repetition of patterns have been learned so far.  – By Miriah Williams


On Tuesday August 27,  2019 the Alpena Lady Leopards played their first home volleyball game of the season. The starting line-up for the Junior Leopards are Emma Johnson,  Allison Napier, Kelsey Kolb, Sarah Johnson, Elizebeth Surface, and Cassidy Ohler. The Junior Leopards fought hard but they faced a challenging team. Up next for the starting line-up for the Senior Leopards is Kayleigh Armer, Ashlin Usrey, Alex Hill, Desiree Deitrich, Amelya Cook, and Anniston Armer. The Senior Leopards also fought hard but faced another challenging team. The Lady Leopards are looking forward to a great Volleyball season! – By Kaylee Moore

vs hackett


On Friday August 30, 2019 the FBLA members gathered in Mrs.Shelton’s room for a meeting to discuss upcoming events and meet the officer team. With the help of the officers and adviser, this meeting was able to take place. During the meeting topics such as fundraisers, district competitions, and competitive events were discussed.  – By Hadassah Toliver


On September 16, 2019 a volleyball game was hosted at the Alpena gym. Both junior and senior high teams played against the Bergman Tigers. The Alpena leopards junior high team won all three sets in a matter of no time. The senior high also won all three sets, but it happened to be a close game. - By Lydia Hinson

The Alpena Lady Leopards volleyball team was 3-0 in Thursday’s dominating game against Decator. Working up to their first game,many practices over the summer, and various inspirational talks. The teams time to shine had just begun. 8 teammates all working towards their team goals took home the win along with individual accomplishments. – By Anniston Armer



Family Career and Community Leaders of America, is a club where we focus on our community and the people in our community. Our very own Alpena FCCLA group went and represented our school in Russellville, AR, on September 10th,  where they got to experience the true meaning of working together as a community, and to tour Arkansas Tech University. – By Missy Davila


What’s New in Alpena Cheer?

For the past five years, the Alpena cheer team has had many different coaches. This year, Mrs. Cherra Dickard will be coaching the cheerleader. Mrs. Dickard cheered for the Leopards for three years and was captain for two of those years.  There was a meeting for those wanting to join the team on September 10th. The team will be given new bows and uniforms this year. Uniform fittings took place at the meeting. Caza Berry, who has been an Alpena cheerleader for five years, says that she is hopeful that “this year will be one of the best yet” for the team. – By Caza Grinder



Lakeisha Nichols, Tyler Keeter and the Osteen boys, the cowboys and cowgirls of Alpena Public Schools, hustle to get their final points in before AFR Rodeo Finals in Midway, Ar at the Bar None Cowboy Church. “ for each rodeo you compete in, you get points,” says Nichols. It is important to these young ladies and gentlemen to compete in in the AFR Finals. “ It is important to us because there’s a lot of dedication, time, late nights, hardwork and blood, sweat, and tears in a sport known as the most dangerous sport in history,” says Nichols. Once a person gets all their points they qualify for finals in Midway, Ar at the Bar None Cowboy Church Arena. – By Lakeisha Nichols

Senior night!

Senior night for Alpena volleyball will be on October 10, 2019 at 4:30 in the new gym. Please come and support our seniors on their last home volleyball game! It would mean the world to them. Don’t forget to bring your school spirit! – By Reanna Sisco


Fall Festival

Alpena School is having a Fall Festival on October 25th at the new gym.  The Fall Festival brings kids and parents together for a fun evening to raise money for the school.  It helps students have something to do and it’s a good way to have fun with friends and family. – By Toni Cole



2019 Alpena Homecoming Court – by Caza Grinder Berry

This year’s Alpena Homecoming Court has been determined by the students at Alpena. Homecoming will take place on November eighth in the New Gym at 5:30 pm. The Homecoming Queen of 2019 will be announced on November eighth between the first and second games. 

The seventh grade maid is Crandal Epps who will be walking with Kent Bruce. Clarity Day-Sharpe will be representing eighth grade as a maid; she will be walking with Barron Ohler . Ninth grades’ maid is Carlee Keeter who will be walking with Peyton Johnson. Anniston Armer from tenth grade will walk with Bryce Martin. Trinadi Crosley will also be representing the sophomores and will be walking with Kolbe Hicks. Representing the juniors is McKenzie Lewin who will be walking with Nicholas Stone and Zoie Crawford, who will be escorted by Kyle Wheeler . The senior maids are Kayleigh Armer who will be walking with Trevor Woodworth and Brock Bolding and Mackenzie Sims who will walk with Will Criner and Zane Crawford. 

When asked what her favorite part about Homecoming is, Kayleigh Armer says, “My favorite part about Homecoming is the Homecoming Dance and Spirit Week because everyone has fun and enjoys themselves!” Mackenzie Sims says her favorite part about Homecoming is, “Dressing up and having fun with my friends.”

Senior Maid Senior Maid - M



Class of the Year Standings

The class of the year standings go towards a trip to St. Louis at the end of the school year. The class that has the most points gets to go see the Cardinals play baseball. The standings constantly change throughout the school year depending on pep rallies and class competitions. As of right now the 10th grade is in the lead with 626 points. Following after is the 8th grade with 535 points. Next is the 7th grade with 414 points. 9th grade has a total of 333 points. Following the 9th grade is 12th grade with 308 points, and lastly the 11th grade with 251 points. The points are constantly changing so there is still a chance for the other classes to catch up with the Sophomores and win. – by Lydia Hinson



Alpena Receives A+ Rating

by Kendra Hulsey

In October of 2019 Alpena High School received an A+ rating by the Arkansas Department of Education for their excellence in performance. The ranking for each individual school is based on multiple things including testing scores, average number of graduates, and teacher performances. Out of 276 schools within Arkansas, Alpena High School was ranked 27th. Only two schools within their region received this major accomplishment. Trying to become an A+ school takes many hours of dedication and motivation from students, faculty, teachers, School Board Members, and parents/guardians. The community of Alpena knows the privilege of an A+ rating, and have always supported Alpena School District.   












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