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Important Dates to Remember

Six students from Alpena 5th & 6th grades will be traveling to the 2019 GLOBE South East USA Student Research Symposium wil be in Atlanta Georgia, April 9-12, 2019


Six 5th & 6th grade students have been selected to reprsent Arkansa at the GLOBE SE SRS


The K-6 Science Fair is scheduled for Wednesday, May 15th at NAC in Harrison

Engineering Projects are investigatioins/experiments which involve the student building something and testing different properties or designs.  The project should involve data collection and analysis on which property or design performed better to address the question or purpose statement. 

Just building a model is NOT an engineering project.


  • K - 4 students are NOT Permitted to conduct testing involving Human Subjects or Vertebrate Animials for their science fair project.   NO Bread Mold or Bacteria Projects.  


  • During the Judging times for all science fair competetions, the project areas will be closed to the public.   Only Judges, Science Fair Participants, and Official Science Fair Facilitators will be allowed in the project  areas during judging.  
  • Special Public Viewing times will be set and posted for each competetion.