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Athletic Handbook





2020 - 2021



This material is presented to you because you have indicated a desire to participate in interscholastic athletics.  We believe participation in sports provides a wealth of opportunity and experiences which will assist you in a personal adjustment.  We are concerned with the educational development of boys and girls through athletics and feel that a properly controlled, well-organized sports program meets the student’s needs for self-expression, mental alertness and physical growth.  A student who chooses to participate in athletics is voluntarily making a choice of self-discipline and self-denial.  The concept of self-denial and self-discipline is tempered by our responsibility to recognize the rights of individuals within the objective of a team.  It is our goal that every student/athlete will develop the skills necessary to become an independent problem solving adult.


 Understanding of Rule and Regulation of this Handbook by Students and Parents


It is expected that the parents and student/athletes understand the rules and regulations covered in this handbook.  If a rule or regulation is broken and dismissal from a team is necessary the parent/guardian will be notified why the dismissal took place.  It should be understood that the coach has the final authority regarding dismissal from a team and all discipline matters related to his or her individual team.  


Any student/athlete or spectators that are removed from an athletic event by an official, police or administrator is subject to suspension from all athletic events for the remainder of that season or year.  Any fan that disrupts an athletic event is subject to suspension or banishment from all athletic events at Alpena.  




Athletics at Alpena School district is a privilege, not a right.  Each student/athlete is expected to follow guidelines and standards equal to and at times beyond that of a normal school student.  Each athlete will be 100% accountable for his/her actions.  Athletes are students first and will be expected to show a solid effort in the classroom. 

  1.  In the Classroom :  In the academic area, the athlete is expected to become a good student.  A good student does not mean all “A”’s.  A good student means trying to do the best with what you have.  All athletes are expected to be leaders of the school and set an example of how to act during the educational day.  Students who are in behavioral, academic or attendance distress may be denied the privilege of participating in athletics until they can show adequate progress.

  2. On the Field/Floor:  The desire to win is the most important factor in achieving success in athletics.  Leopard athletes are expected to play with a burning desire in order to win with honor, dedication, pride and loyalty to the rules of the game.

  3. Absences: A student/athlete should consult his/her coach before missing practice.  Missing practice or an event without good reason is a serious offense and will result in punishment up to dismissal from the team.  An athlete missing for any reason is expected to make up the practice session. 

  4. Elementary: Elementary discipline issues will be brought to supervising administration by the volunteer coaches and the supervising administrator will decide how to further proceed. Notification of all discipline issues will be reported to building administration.

  5. Practice and Games: The student/athlete is expected to attend regardless of holidays, job commitment, birthdays, social activities or weekends.

  6. School Attendance: 7-12 Student athletes must not be counted absent from any scheduled classes of the school day in order to participate in an athletic contest that day. Managers must meet the same requirements as athletes. Any extenuating circumstances must be approved by the principal.  Likewise Elementary students must be present for a full day of school on the day of a sporting event in order to participate.  Elementary students that go home ill from school may not participate in that days sporting event.  Any student who is serving ISS/OSS or other disciplinary action shall follow the guidelines in the Student Handbook.

  7. Eligibility Guidelines: The athletic department encourages the academic excellence of all athletes.

The eligibility requirements are those set forth by the Arkansas Activities Association and the State Department of Education.  Students that are not eligible may practice with the team as long as they have permission from the head coach. Students will not be scheduled in athletics during the school day if they are academically ineligible. They will not be allowed to play in games or travel with the team. Complete eligibility rules can  be accessed online at

   7.  Care and Responsibility for Equipment:      

                   Equipment should be turned in within one week following the 

                   end of the season.  An athlete is financially responsible for all

                   equipment checked out to him/her.  The cost of destroyed/lost 

                   equipment will be replacement cost.  A student athlete must    

                   treat school equipment as though it were his/her personal

                    property.  It should never be abused.  If an athlete is involved  

in the theft of school equipment, or any other theft, he/she could be dismissed from the team.

    8.   Proper Conduct:  Proper conduct and good sportsmanship

                    Are expected at all times.  This includes any public posting

                    Of inappropriate and/or illicit pictures, video/audio or 

                   Comments on your cell phone, facebook, twitter, instagram,

                   Snapchat, etc.  Athletes should be role models both in and of

The classroom.  All social media contact should be positive in   nature toward our athletic programs, players, coaches and 

School.  Cell phones and text messaging should not be used during school.

         Breaching this rule may result in discipline up to and  

         including dismissal from the team.

   9.  Player injury:  It is the student’s responsibility to communicate        to the coaching staff any injury that may be in need attention.  If the student/athlete receives any medical treatment, even if the school or their designee engages the medical community for an emergency, that becomes the financial responsibility of the athlete and their




  1. Athletes who are punished in the classroom or by a school administrator need to be aware that their coach may choose to impose additional discipline for violation of team rules.

  2.   Under our athletic philosophy, each head coach has the authority to create team rules that are specific to his or her sport; however, there are several rules and policies that are universal.  The following is a listing of some important rules and policies of our athletic department that student athletes and their parents should understand.

  3. Elementary: Elementary discipline issues will be brought to supervising administration by the volunteer coaches and the supervising administrator will decide how to further proceed. Notification of all discipline issues will be reported to building administration.

4.   Disciplinary action taken toward students who are found to be in violation of the school drug policy, will follow the disciplinary actions and procedures set forth in the Alpena School Handbook.

     Disciplinary action taken toward students who are involved with controlled   substances, but not at school or while participating in a school activity and are involved in extracurricular activities.   


 A.  Alcohol/Drugs

  1. First violation:  The athlete will be suspended from 20% of the games or activities scheduled.   Parents will be notified.  There must be substantial proof of wrong doings. 

  2. Second violation:  The athlete will be suspended from 50% of games or activities scheduled.  Parents will be notified.  There must be substantial proof of wrong doings.   Athletes will also be required to visit with a trained professional (school counselor, church counselor, youth minister, pastor, etc.) or attend an alcohol/drug abuse awareness program, which shall be approved through the A.D.’s office.

  3. Third violation:  The athlete will be dismissed from ALL sports and activities for one calendar year – starting with the date of the incident.

  4. Fourth violation:  The athlete will be dismissed indefinitely from ALL sports and activities for the remainder of their enrollment in the Alpena School District.     

B. Tobacco (including smokeless)

If infraction occurs on school property, the policies and procedures    set forth in the handbook, will be the policies and procedures followed.

If the infraction occurs while not at school or while participating in a school activity and are involved in extracurricular activities:

  1. First violation: the athlete will be suspended from 10% of the games or activities scheduled. Parents will be notified.

  2. Second violation: The athlete will be suspended from 20% of the games or activities scheduled. Parents will be notified. He/she will also be required to attend a tobacco awareness program set up through the school.

  3. Third violation: The athlete will be suspended from 30% of the games or activities scheduled. He/she will also be required to attend a more in-depth tobacco awareness programs as set up through the coach.

  4. Fourth violation: The athlete will be suspended from 40% of the games or activities scheduled. Parents will be notified. The athlete must repeat the tobacco awareness program. (Continue with 10% more games suspended with each repeated offense.)

**  Note:  In all cases of suspensions, if the athlete is participating in a sport in-season, the suspension will take place immediately.  If the athlete’s sport is not in-season, the suspension will begin at the start of their next sport.  It the athlete participates in more than one sport or activity, he/she will not be penalized twice for the one offense.  If the athlete is involved in 2 sports simultaneously (example baseball and track), the % of games suspended will be divided between both sports.  However, if the number of games remaining is under the % of games suspended, the suspension will carry over to the next sport.  If another violation occurs during the second sport/activity season, this would count as their second violation.




TEAM TRIPS:    All student/athletes must travel to events in transportation provided by the Alpena School District.  Special arrangements may be made for travel if approved by the building administrator.  Sign-out sheets will be provided by the coach, sponsor or teacher for students to go with their parents after the event.  Parents can only sign out their child with the coach or his/her designee.  Arrangements to ride with anyone other than your parents must be cleared with the coaches and administration before bus departure. 




The athletic department will always encourage athletes to compete in multiple sports.  This makes the overall program stronger.  Coaches will not discourage any athlete from competing in multiple sports.  In season sports will always take precedence.  Athletes are not required to practice with a sport that is not in season if it interferes with an in season sport that they are participating in.  Any student/athlete competing in two or more sports must let all head coaches know as soon as possible.  Coaches will work together in scheduling contests to ensure minimal conflict.  Selection of the team will be at the discretion of the coach.  The head coach in each sport has the absolute total discretion as to who plays, how long they play and under what circumstances they play or do not play.  It is highly recommended that parents be flexible when letting their children play multiple sports, yet be realistic about spreading their time too thin.  Academic performance should be a students’ first priority.


Conflicts in Extra-Curricular Activities


We recognize that it is in the nature of a small school that students will be involved in multiple activities both athletic and non-athletic alike.  The athletic department will always encourage athletes to compete in multiple activities.  This makes the overall school stronger.  Coaches will not discourage any athlete from competing in multiple activities.  This aids us in keeping  our focus on student’s academic performance as being a students’ first priority.


• An individual student who participates in multiple several extracurricular activities will, undoubtedly, be in a position of a conflict of obligations from time to time.  If this happens often the student needs to consider their commitments.

• Coaches recognize that each student should have the opportunity for a broad range of experiences in the area of extra-curricular activities; and to this end will attempt to schedule events in a manner so as to minimize conflicts. Students will not  be disciplined with reduced playing time or “losing their spot” for representing their school in other events.

• Students have a responsibility to do everything they can to avoid continuous conflicts.  This would include being cautious about participating in too many activities.

• When conflicts do arise, coaches will do their best to work out a solution. If it becomes obvious that a student cannot fulfill the obligation of a school activity, the student will consult with the coaches/advisors of their activities and come to a decision on which they should participate giving the unique circumstances of the situation.  They will do so with no fear of reprisals of any kind from with either event coordinator.  

*It is the student’s responsibility to contact the coach as soon as he/she knows that there will be a conflict in schedules.




Commitment is the backbone of a highly successful athletic program.  As the coaching staff and administration at Alpena, we encourage athletes to finish what they started.  Perseverance leads to long term success in life.  Quitting is habit, so we strongly encourage an athlete to never start that practice.  Upon deciding to quit, any athlete will be given a 24 hr cooling off period.  By that time, the athlete must communicate to their head coach whether or not they wish to remain part of the team.  If the player wants to return, and the coach is willing to allow them  to return, they will have to make up any missed workouts.




The first option is for the student/athlete and coach to communicate if there is any problem.  We encourage good communication between the student/athlete and coaches.  Student/athletes should communicate with their coaches if there is a problem.  If it is not resolved then follow this procedure:

  1. Contact the coach who had direct supervision of the athlete at the time.  If satisfactory resolution of the complaint is not made, 

  2. Contact the Athletic Director or Principal.  

  3. Contact the Principal

  4. If you have not yet resolved the situation, you may appeal to the Superintendent.


No contact with any coach, athletic director or administrator should be made directly before or following an athletic event.  All correspondence should be made during the regular school day.  Appointments can be made by calling the school office.


Issues not appropriate to discuss with coaches;

  • Team strategy

  • Types of offenses, defenses, sets, etc.

  • Other student athletes


The head coach of each sport will set up a parent meeting before the season begins to discuss the expectations of their sport.

Each head coach will have rules specific to their program.



  • Remember you are at the contest to support and yell for your child and team, not to intimidate others.

  • Remember school athletics is a learning experience and mistakes are sometimes made.  

  • A ticket is a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to verbally assault others or generally be obnoxious.

  • Learn the rules of the game so you can understand the situations that may occur.

  • Show respect for all players, administrators, coaches, officials and other fans.

  • Respect the integrity and judgement of game officials.

  • Refrain from use of any controlled substance before, during and after the game on or near the site of the event.

  • Do not post distasteful, negative comments or pictures on social media about players, officials, coaches or school.

  • If you do not adhere to the expectations listed above you may be asked to leave the event.






STUDENTS NAME(PRINTED)_____________________________


GRADE__________   MALE_______ FEMALE_______






I give my consent for my child to participate in interscholastic sports and related practice sessions and activities.  I acknowledge that even with the best of coaching, use of the most advanced protective equipment, and strict observance of the rules, injuries are still a possibility.  I understand that the School District or its employees will not be liable if an accident occurs.  I also give my consent, if any injury does occur for the coach/trainer to secure treatment at the best medical facility available.


I agree to be responsible for the return, in good condition, of any athletic equipment issued to the above named student.



         __________________________________     Date__________

Signature of Parent/guardian


         Signature of Athlete