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AMI for May 4th-22nd

Physical Education Optional AMI Days for May 4th-22nd

Student Name:_____________________

Complete the following fitness activities on the assigned days and have a parent or guardian initial beside.  Please remember to warm-up and cool-down for each workout.  Encourage your parents/siblings to do these with you!!  

Workout 1                

Run/walk/hike/bike ½ to 1 mile    (Record your distance and time)

**Remember it’s easier on the knees and feet to alter your workout surfaces if possible.        

Workout 2

*Dumbbell curls

Use any items you may have around your house to complete 3 sets of 15 repetitions. 

Remember to keep the knees slightly bent and elbows close to the sides.  Weighted objects should be challenging but not so heavy you can’t complete all the reps.

*Follow the dumbbell curls with 3 sets of 15 dips using a chair or sturdy bench.

*2 sets of 25 crunches to end on. Hands should be across the shoulders not behind the head.

Workout 3 

-Jog one mile (Record your time)

-During your mile jog include 4 (20 second sprints)

-Record your time and attempt to do it without walking

-For my overachievers, try the workout X2

Workout 4

-2X15 push-ups

-2X15 burpees

-one minute plank

-2X25 squats

-1X10 squats on only the right leg   

-1X10 squats on only the left leg

**Add a small amount of weight and repeat for added challenge**

Workout 5 (You pick)

Walk/Jog/Bike or any activity that gets the heart rate up for 30 min OR

5 minute jog to warm-up

30 second sprint

2 minute jog

30 second sprint

2 minute jog

30 second sprint

2 minute jog

30 second jog

5 minute jog to cool-down

May 4th  Workout 1  Time:_____   Parent/guardian initial_____

May 5th Workout 2                         Parent/guardian initial_____

May 6th Workout 3  Time:_____    Parent/guardian initial_____

May 7th Workout 4                         Parent/guardian initial_____

May 8th- Workout 5                        Parent/guardian initial_____

May 11th- Workout 1  Time:_____  Parent/guardian initial_____

May 12th- Workout 2                       Parent/guardian initial_____

May 13th- Workout 3  Time:_____  Parent/guardian initial_____

May 14th- Workout 4                       Parent/guardian initial_____

May 15th- Workout 5                       Parent/guardian initial_____

May 18th-22nd- you may pick which workout you do based upon your fitness needs or create your own fitness workout.  Shoot for at least three days of cardio.

May 18th                    Parent/guardian initial_____

May 19th                    Parent/guardian initial_____

May 20th                    Parent/guardian initial_____

May 21st                    Parent/guardian initial_____

May 22nd                   Parent/guardian initial_____