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AMI- Days 8-12

Elementary PE, 7-12 PE, and Archery: 

There are plenty of physical activities that can be done around your home! Each of us should try to achieve 30 minutes or more of physical activity each day!!!

Elementary PE students will be required to journal once a week what activity you performed, how long you participated, and the date you performed the activity(s). Then have your parent initial beside it.  

7-12 PE and archery students will journal each day what activity was performed, time spent participating in the activity(s), and date it was performed. Then a parent should initial beside each day.

Here is a list of a few activities that can be done which include fitness, sport skills, and writing activities: Remember try to achieve 30 minutes of activity each day!

Go on a walk or hike

Jog 1,2, or 3 miles 

Do 25 slow perfect pushups

Do 25 crunches, squats, or toe touches

Jump rope for 3 minutes

Go on a bike ride

Work in the garden, build fence, haul wood, or mow!

Go fishing, kayaking, or canoeing

Do a chore for a parent

Make an obstacle course 

Plank for 1-2 minutes

Make a line and jump over and back or do 25 single leg jumps across the room

Play tag with a sibling or pet!

Practice shooting or dribbling a basketball- breakthrough basketball has some great videos!

Practice serving, bumping, setting or passing a volleyball- U Tube has several great videos with tips!

Do a weight training or an ab/leg strengthening workout. U tube and Pinterest have hundreds of them!

Play catch with a baseball, football, or frisbee.

Practice tying on a fishing lure and casting at targets.

Shoot a bow at a target.

Write about the 5 components of physical fitness and provide a definition or example of each.

Write about your favorite sports team, player, or the history of a sport.

Plan out three healthy meals for a day using foods from each level of the food pyramid. Write them on a piece of paper.

Write about the benefits of physical activity for your heart.

Day 8

Activity done:

Time spent:

Parent initial:


Day 9:

Activity done:

Time spent:

Parent Initial:


Day 10:

Activity done:

Time spent:

Parent initial:


Day 11:

Activity done:

Time spent:

Parent initial:


Day 12:

Activity done:

Time spent:

Parent initial: