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AMI for Days 4-7


  AMI Workouts for PE

For each day HS students are absent, students will select one fitness workout from the following list to perform and have an adult initial by the workout once it is performed.  Elementary students can select one workout per week.


Workout 1                 

10 push ups               

25 sit ups           

25 jumping jacks

10 lunges

20 calf raises

30 second wall sit

5 stretches of choice

10-15 minutes of cardio        

Workout 2

plank for 1 minute

25 crunches

25 air squats

20 reverse lunges

20 squats

25 jumping jacks

5 stretches of choice

10-15 minutes of cardio


Workout 3

15 burpees

25 leg lifts

20 push ups

20 air squats

20 windmills

39 stair jumps

5 stretches

(cardio can include the following: jogging or running, walking briskly, biking, jumping on a trampoline, basically any exercise which will get the heart rate up)


Day 4- Parent/Guardian Inital________

Day 5- Parent/Guardian Initial________

Day 6- Parent/Guardian Initial________

Day 7- Parent Guardian Initial________




Archery Classes/ Students who cannot complete fitness workouts:

For each day missed, students will need to complete a workout from the above page OR complete a written paper. Archery students may choose to shoot their bow for 15-20 minutes each day. Parents will need to initial the workouts. A written paper can include history, rules, general information, or information about a favorite athlete in a sport. Students can use the Internet, books, or help from any adult who may have information about a particular sport or athlete.  

Sports for suggested papers:









Track and Field








Day 4 Parent/guardian initial________

Day 5 Parent/guardian initial________

Day 6 Parent/guardian initial________

Day 7 Parent/guardian initial________