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Elementary AMI Day packets

AMI Days 1-5 (finish by March 18)

Either teach a song you are learning to a family member or have them teach you a song that they remember from their childhood.


AMI Days 6-15 (Finish by April 10)

Grades K-4

The students can do these two worksheets.  We have been doing these in class.


Identify Lines or Spaces.

Identify Notes or Rests.

or use the below set

Put “N” above the notes (sound) and put “R” above the rests (silence).  Remember that notes always have a circle but any other shape can be a rest!

O        O        X        O        X        O

O        S        O        S        O        O

T        W        O        O        F        O

W        O        W        G        O        !



O        d        F        p        X        O


Grade 5-6

These are papers the 5-6 students can do for AMI.


Music sudoku 1

Color by Music symbols.


Color by Word


Elementary AMI Days 11-16 (Finish by April 9)

Grades K-6

If you have internet go to one of these sites and learn about the different instruments and music using the various games.


If you do not have the internet, turn on music of any type and march to one song and then dance to another.  Try to stay in beat with the music. Then listen to a song and raise your hands when the singer is resting and then try to clap in rhythm with their singing.

Grades 4-6

When we return, we will be doing a project with these answers from below. Please look at the following descriptions (may need a parent to look) and write in the numbers that apply to you. Your answer will be your name and the 3 numbers that describe your facial features.


Even – 1

Uneven – 2 


Large (round or square) – 3

pointed in shape – 4


Full or Large – 5

Medium – 6

Thin – 7


Music AMI Day Activity  – DAYS 16-21 (Finish by April 17)


What’s Your Name?

Complete the activities listed for each letter of your name.  For an added challenge, add in your last name and do the activities twice!  Ask family members to join you.

BONUS: Spell your first, middle and last name, spell a family members name, spell your pet's name

MEGA BONUS - See if you can complete the whole alphabet in just 2 weeks!

Really cool if you post some of the things you do on the school website!  Love to see the instruments or songs you make up especially!


A - Sing your favorite song

B - Keep a steady beat by clapping along to a song

C - Tap the rhythm to a song you know

D - Sing a song from music class

E - Dance for the next 5 minutes

F - Find something in your house to use as an instrument

G - Sing the words of your favorite book

H - Play a game from music class

I - Create a new dance move

J - Sing or dance along to a song with a fast (presto) tempo (speed)

K - Find something that makes a quiet (piano) sound

L - Play a song and be the conductor for the music (direct the music)

M - Go outside and listen to the sounds of nature.

N - Make an instrument out of household objects

O - Make up your own song

P - Decide if your family members have high or low voices

Q - Sing a song with high notes

R - Sing theme songs from the shows you watch

S - Change the lyrics (words) to a song you know

T - Have a quick dance party with anyone in the house

U - Sing a song with low notes

V - Find something that makes a loud (forte) sound

W - Find something to use as rhythm sticks and tap along to a song

X - Hum a song that you know

Y - Sing or dance along to a song with a slow (largo) tempo (speed)

Z - Whistle a song you know


Sure miss everyone!