Alpena High School Art Department


Welcome to the Alpena High School Art Department

All the Visual Art students are learning how to use stoneware clay to create various 3-dimensional art projects.

The Alpena Art Department is readying for several small Fundraisers to help us earn funds to support our upcoming Art Projects for the Alpena Art Department students! 

Mrs. Paula Pate will be quilting a quilt-top made by my Mom for a silent-auction fundraiser! 

The Art Club is in the process of making tu-tus to offer for sale at the  Maroon and Wnite Game October 5, as well as FACE PAINTING!  Come out to support the Leopards and have your face painted too!


Come visit with me at the upcoming PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES on Thursday, September 20, 2018.









                    Welcome to the Alpena High  School Art Department, Art I,Art II, and Visual Art/7/8 Rotation.smiley

Alpena High School Art Department is currently using stoneware clay furnished by Osage Pottery Studio to learn how to create 3-dimensional pottery projects such as clay bowls, cups, pockets, bas relief “Buddy Poppy"  tiles.

The Alpena High School Art Department enjoyed an educational fieldtrip to Fort Smith  on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.  We enjoyed an educational Arkansas History tour as well as a guided trolley ride to view “The Unexpected Project" Art Murals in Downtown Ft. Smith. Viewing the beautiful mural artwork is a part of preparation for our own Alpena School Community Mural with a “Coming Home” theme to honor our local Veterans who served to protect our Freedom.

We will also have an Art Department Funderaiser  offering recycled wooden palettes painted in an American Flag design, as well as river rocks painted with our American Flag design, Lady Liberty, and the Branches of Service emblems. 

The Art I class has learned the importance of never forgetting the sacrifices made by out Veterans.  Art I class is currently preparing/composing “friendly,  non-invasive"  interview questions to interview consenting Veterans.  The Veteran interviews will be published and shared with the Alpena Historical Society as well as the  Arkansas History Center located in the Butler Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The Art I class will also create a Youtube page showcasing a consenting Veteran being interviewed by an Alpena student.  The Alpena students are currently creating an Alpena Veteran’s website listing local N.W. Arkansas Veterans as well as their Branch of Service and years served.  The website will be updated monthly. 

Veterans are encouraged to participate in sharing their remembrances and stories they acquired while serving in our armed forces.  The Art I class has learned that all history is important, especially the  personal experiences and stories shared  by Veterans who were actually there.  To our Veterans we give our heartfelt “THANK YOU”.