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Alpena High School Art Department


Welcome to the Alpena High School Art Department

All the Visual Art students are learning how to use stoneware clay to create various 3-dimensional art projects.

The Alpena Art Department is readying for several small Fundraisers to help us earn funds to support our upcoming Art Projects for the Alpena Art Department students such as the Art II Encaustic painting projects, Art I designed, tie-dyed and hand painted t-shirts, and the Exterior Acrylic Paint, brushes, and sealer for the Alpena School District mural to be painted on the retaining concrete wall below the new gym this Spring.

The quilt-top made by my Mom and quilted by Mrs. Paula Pate was won in a drawing at the Alpena Homecoming by Mr. David and Kathy Good, congratulations!  










                    Welcome to the Alpena High  School Art Department, Art I,Art II, and Visual Art/7/8 Rotation.smiley

Alpena High School Art Department is currently using stoneware clay furnished by Osage Pottery Studio to learn how to create 3-dimensional pottery projects such as coil pots, face pockets, and clay sculpture. 

The Art I class has been working to create a design for the Alpena School Community Mural by “Remembering Our Veterans and their Service” theme to be painted in the Spring.

We will also have an Art Department Funderaiser  offering recycled wooden palettes painted in an American Flag design, as well as student created ‘Rock Art” featuring patriotic colors and designs including the American flag.

The Art I class has learned the importance of never forgetting the sacrifices made by out Veterans.   The Art I class will create a Youtube page showcasing a consenting Veteran being interviewed by an Alpena student.  The Alpena students are currently creating an Alpena Veteran’s website listing local N.W. Arkansas Veterans as well as their Branch of Service and years served.  The website will be updated monthly. 

Veterans are encouraged to participate in sharing their remembrances and stories they acquired while serving in our armed forces. The Veteran interviews have been shared and published in the Arkansas Historical Society and Arkansas History Butler Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Art I class has interviewed a number  of Veterans who have  shared  interesting and humorous stories as well as images of various locations  where they were stationed around the world.