Alpena Elementary Art Room

                                                  Alpena Elementary Art Department K-3


K-1 are learning and experimenting with each element of Art by creating art projects using the Elements of Art! 

2nd – 3 Students are busy learning the Elements of Art, creating pages for each art element to place in an art elements book.  Student sketchbooks are in the plans this year too!


   smileyI look forward to seeing each of you during Parent/Teacher Conferences September 20, 2018!



                                          Alpena Elementary Art Department 4-6

Alpena 4-6th students are busy learning abou the elements of art.  Each student will create a page for their elements of art book.  Art students will create a personal art portfolio as well as a sketch book using assorted papers with constuction paper covers.


I hope to see you during Parent/Teacher Conferences on September 20, 2018!