Alpena High School Art Department

                               Welcome to the  VISUAL ART 7th and 8th Grade 6 Week Rotation Classes                                                

Welcome to the Alpena High School Art Department, Visual Art 7th and 8th grade, rotation every 6 weeks.  T he Visual Art class is utilizing the elements of art and principles of design while creating unique personal “Heraldry Shields” as they learn about the “Three Pillars of Medieval Society":  *The Nobility *The Pesantry *The Church.

The Visual Art Class will also be exhibiting their “State Fish Art” in the March 15, 2017 Alpena Art Show in the Alpena Cafeteria.  You are invited to view lovely art work, with elementary art exhibited in the Elementary School Hallway.







                    Welcome to the Alpena High  School Art Department, Art I and Art II.smiley

The Alpena High School Art Department is planning an educational and enriching art field trip to Crystal Bridges American Art Museum on Friday, April 21, 2017.  We will enjoy an educational guided tour and class as well as a nourishing lunch furnished by Crystal Bridges.  Art students will also enjoy a tour of the Crystal Bridges Art Museum and grounds as well.  Mr. Wayne Cone will driving our bus, and Mrs. Sara Bray will be our chaperone.  Come join us for a great tour!


Come visit the  Alpena High School Art Show in the Alpena Cafeteria, beginning on Thursday, March 15, 2017.

The Art I class has completed the “Deborah Butterfield” bas relief horse sculptures which are exhibited in the High School Art Show. 

Art I plans to finish painting all mural posters, and prepare the concrete retaining wall for the Alpena School District  Community Mural when  our warmer temperatures return.  Stay posted for the completion dates for the Alpena School District Community Mural.


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The Art II Class is currently working on their Collage Decoupage Umbrella projects. Art II students discovered that the universal symbol for the umbrella is “Shelter and/or Protection”.  With this thought in mind, students are now in the process of drawing and/or collecting images from magazines and online  which reflect “shelter”. Images are to be glued to their umbrellas, where upon completion will be exhibited in the Alpena High School Library. 

*Come see the Alpena High School Art Show which begins on Thursday, March 15  in the Alpena Cafeteria. 

Please contact me at this number if you have any questions:  47870-432-2228

Thank you,

Joy Quigley Alpena Art Department K-12