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Daily Schedule

SCHOOL YEAR 2019-2020

 The Leopard Spot  Tutoring is offered in my room Mon., Wed., and Fri., 7:25-745 AM

1st Period 7:50-8:40   11th Grade American Literature (III)             

2nd Period 8:52-9:41     9th Grade English (I)

3rd Period 9:46-10-35    AP  English (Literature and Composition)

4th Period 10:40-11-29     Preparation Time 

Leopard Time  11:34-12:03 (Response to Intervention) RTI

5th  Period 12:38-1:27    11th Grade American Literature (III)

6th Period 1:32-2:21     12th Grade Transitional Literacy (Transitioning to College and Careers)

7th Period 2:26-3:15     9th Grade English (I)

Gene France

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